4th Meeting in Burgh-Haamstede, NL


The fourth meeting in framework of the ELFIE project took place on 19-20th February in Burg-Haamstede (The Netherlands).

The hosting organization was Stichting Kenniscentrum PRO WORK.


At the current status of the project the main results have been finished. In summary:

  • The try-out pilot about the Students Follow-up Tool is finished and a small report, based on a participants survey, was included into the outcome 6 document.
  • The resources compiled or developed in "OUTCOME 7: E-Learning Patterns", are finished and published on this project Website.
  • The presentation material about the ELFIE good examples is also available and can be shown directly on-line or downloaded as a PPT or PPS file.

During the meeting, a detailed review of all this material was performed and it was put in common. In special, all the Resources/Patterns were presented in detail by the partners. The most important result at this stage is, not only the resources them selves but also, template to design or adapt an e-learning pattern, making focus also on the different possibilities of using it.4-lighthouse

The rest of the meeting was oriented to plan the activities up to the end of the project being these mainly: some dissemination presential presentations in each country and the possibility of perform some 'puting into practice' action, with real students using some of the resources produced by the project.

Besides, some arrengements were done to produce an on-line brief brochure to disseminate the project results and a full project publication which was decided to implement also as an online resource.



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