Outcome 10. Evaluation Report 2

Overall-300The ELFIE Evaluation Report 2: the evaluation report for the complete 2 years project period.

The report contains both, the evaluation plan of the ELFIE project and the overall summative evaluation results for the project. The evaluation plan presents the elements to be evaluated, the evaluation tools and methodologies. For the ELFIE project, evaluation has been an ongoing procedure starting at the beginning of the project and lasts for the whole period of the project (duration: 24 months). Both results and processes of the project have been evaluated.

Main goal of the evaluation is to identify needed improvements and possible corrective actions. The evaluation identifies also if the results of the project have achieved the desired quality. Finally, it shows the degree of cooperation between project partners.

In this sense, the evaluation process really served to get improvements, given that there has been a general enhancement of the evaluation results for the full project if compared with the results for the 1st year.

The project has been evaluated during whole period of its execution and uses Internal Evaluation, which is divided in two strands:

  1. Project evaluation
  2. Partnership evaluation

As a summary, this graph shows the overal satisfaction with the project progress, both for the first year and for the full project period, which is the subject of this "ELFIE Evaluation Report 2":

Overal satisfaction. 1st year




Overal satisfaction. Full project period.

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