Outcome 1. Questionnaires for SWOT Analysis (E-Learning and Inclusive Learning)

DSC 3874The first thing to do in ELFIE Project is to implicate teachers (and students) in VET schools so that we go on working with them along the Project.

Then, to start working with them, we will ask them what is their opinion about eLearning materials, how they foresee using them in their classes and how they feel about it. We will do this using a online questionnaire that is the subject of this OUTCOME.

A specification document for two questionnaires has been produced, one for the teachers and the other for the sudents. This questionnaires have been implemented and made available online. It comes in english and with translation to national languages of the partners, Dutch, Polish and Spanish.

The questionnaires are supported by a SWOT analysis of the ‘before situation’ and this will create a quality standard of e-learning (materials) for the target group and will provide a basic guideline to select materials for the project.

The results of these questionnaires will allow us to prepare a SWOT analysis about the use of elearning materials for VET, with special enphasis in SEN (Special Education Needs). This swot will allow us to have some guidance for the design of good e-learning patterns and resources.

The document "ELFIE: Questionnaires for SWOT Analysis"

The On-Line Questionnaires:

For Teachers

For Students

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