Outcome 2. Web Site and E-Learning Platform


elfie-webThe Web Site for the project is the public 'face' for the project. Its main objective is to offer to the public all the information about its activities and results. In addition to that, an E-learning Platform based on Moodle has been made available to the project participants during the project. It will serve as a work place on wich to put into practice the results of the project by real users.

The information that can be found on the Web Site is arranged in three main sections:

  • Project
  • Partners
  • Results


You can find information about the project itself as the description, the initial workplan or the project meetings.

Also included you have some bief descriptions of participating organisations and their contact data.

And the most important part, a list with all the results of the project with links to relevants documents and resources.

elfie-moodleBesides, as a complement of the project internet platform, an e-learning platform made on Moodle has been made available.

It has been used as a project management repository and made available for the users during the duration of the project as a way to put into pactice the project developments.

This OUTCOME consists off:

the web you are watching right now

the e-learning platform

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