Outcome 3. Collecting "Good Examples"



The ELFIE project aims to source diverse resources which allow students access to material that ordinarily would not be so useful. As the report states, many have difficulty in using materials due to a variety of reasons, for example, the use of text which is too small, complicated or unsuitable in other ways.

The resources that are suggested offer a representative example of some of the materials available on the Internet today, and whilst they are some of the best, it must be said that there was not a huge amount to choose from.


The projects aims to analyse best practice on the internet today and access how it can be improved and adapted for the training sector. It is especially important to ensure that the resources sourced and produced are inclusive to ensure as many people as possible can benefit. As the report will show, there is a great opportunity to assist a great many people who are trying to improve their life through training.

Here it is the document "ELFIE: Collecting Good Examples"

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