Outcome 6. Student follow-up system



The ELFIE project plans to use a tool to make a follow up of students’ work and evolution. The partnership decided to use an existing tool, rather than implement a new system. In addition, partner PRO WORK had the ability to use a previously designed e-learning material for another EU – Transfer of Innovation project iLAEBOR (acronym for ‘Investing in Labour and Education in Border Regions’).

The instrument, used and tested by the ELFIE team, is called “The Talent Development Instrument” (TDI) and can be used via an inlog on the project website of iLAEBOR. The Polish and Spanish partners will supply teachers and trainers to use/test the instrument and the Dutch patner will supply inlog information for these users and explanation/guidance for using this instrument.

In this document can be found the description of the ELFIE Follow-up System, based on TDI. It is also descrives the use that ELFIE project makes of the tool. The outcome document also includes the results of the test pilot with an small assessment survey answered by the participants.

Follow this link to go to iLaebor' "Talent Development Instrument" (You will need a personal account to get into).

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